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Cincinnati, OH / Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) – January 30, 2009 – PimpMyNews today announced the availability of its next generation mobile news application for Apple’s iPhone™, iPhone™ 3G and iPod® touch products.

According to Co-founder John Atkinson, the new media service, which launched its first generation platform last year, “puts consumers in control by automatically collecting the news and blogs they wish they had time to read – and converting them to audio – so they can listen while doing other things, like driving, working out, riding the train and more.”

In addition to transforming text news into mobile audio for consumers on the go, the service allows users to choose from over 1,200 sources to create personalized news playlists, view text, pictures and video associated with breaking stories – and share multimedia content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg and other social networking sites.

The new native application, which can be downloaded on The App Store, offers significant enhancements over its first generation predecessor – delivering a faster, more personalized experience with integration with the iPhone’s onboard mail application and media player, enhanced social functionality and more.

According regular user Damien Howley, “I quickly found my whole consumption of news and blogs change drastically. I can now catch up on all of my blogs while I work. PimpMyNews keeps me much more informed and saves me hours and hours of reading each night.”

The service can also be used on computers, iPods, Zunes, or any device that plays MP3 files. Users without an iPhone or iPod touch can sign up for the service on a Mac or PC at:

About PimpMyNews
PimpMyNews makes your favorite news & blogs TALK – So you can listen to the stories you wish you had time to read – while you get things done. It’s like TiVo® for news & blogs… You’ll never miss a breaking story.

  • Listen on the go – on your iPhone, iPod, Mac/PC or any MP3 player
  • Get current & multitask – in the car, gym, home, office – anytime, anywhere
  • Express yourself – share stories, create playlists & more